Chris’ & Pitt’s Bar-B-Que Sauce 21 oz – 6 Unit Pack

  • Chris & Pitts Barbecue Sauce was first served in 1949 at the famous Chris & Pitts Restaurant in Cali
  • Chris & Pitts Barbecue Sauce went on to become the best-selling barbecue sauce in the west.
  • Now available at a click for all of us who can’t make the trek west.
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  • 6/21 oz bottles

Chris’ & Pitt’s Bar-B-Q sauce was first served in 1949 at the famous Chris’ & Pitt’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant. News spread quickly and a barbecue sensation was born. Chris’ & Pitt’s Bar-B-Q sauce went on to become the best selling barbecue sauce in the West.

List Price: $ 35.27


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