Question by Jennia P: How do you do a charcoal grill?
ok, this may sound like a really stupid question, but I have never set up a charcoal grill. We’re planning a barbeque at a park tomorrow and I’ll be cooking on the grills there. What are the steps to set up a charcoal grill?

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Answer by Sugar PIe
Pile up your charcoal into a tight heap in teh center of the bottom of the grill (lift grill itself off, or see if you can lean it up and back out of the way). Light w/ lighter fluid, if needed. Let soak recommended time, then light. Let burn recommended time (read on bag). When whitish, spread coals out evenly. Or, if you want them hotter in one sectin, spread them thicker on one side, thinner on another. Replace grill. Let it get good and hot, then scrub w/ grill brush or soap-free brillo pads held by tongs. Oil grill w/ a rag dipped in oil held by tongs. Then slap your meat on there and enjoy your cookout!

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