Question by Crackah: Is it normal for the regulator on a gas grill to make a hissing noise?
The noise sounds like it’s coming from the regulator on the grill side of the hook up. I just had the tank filled yesterday, and it was working without any noise right before that. It gets louder the higher up I turn the gas on the grill. Is it normal?
By the way, I have already checked for a leak. No leak in the connection, or anywhere for that matter.
It only makes the noise when the gas is on. No leaks, I’ve already checked.

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Answer by stickerbush1970
This is normal ever heard natural gas doing that. Propane comes to you in liquid form, then when you draw off the tank(turn your grill on) the liquid turns to gas. Then goes through the regulator. The more pressure in the tank the more noise it will make. This is because the reg. is set to allow so much gas through, but on hot days there is more pressure on th back side of reg.

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